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             hübsch acht [8]

     Carl Ludwig HÜBSCH     tuba, composition
     Isabelle DUTHOIT            clarinet
     Joris RÜHL                        clarinet
     Matthias SCHUBERT      saxophone
     Wolter WIERBOS             trombone
     Joker NIES                         electronic
     Christian LILLINGER       drums

Carl Ludwig Hübsch has put together a new octet of improvising interpreters:
"hübsch acht".
(The word "acht" means eight but it also evokes the expression "acht geben"
which stands for being alert, attentive.)

The french clarinet players Isabelle Duthoit and Joris Ruehl, the Berlin based
drummer Christian Lillinger, Matthias Schubert (Berlin) on tenor saxophone and
Wolter Wierbos (Amsterdam) on trombone join Philip Zoubek on piano, Joker Nies
on electronics, and of course, Hübsch himself on tuba turn the compositions
into sounding reality.

Hübsch's network compositions are designed for this group of active interpreters.
They deliver knots and relationships in a flexible musical net which is reshaped anew
in each performance.
Resistance, surprise, immediate response and joy characterise the musicians communications.
Thus they discover an undetected sound country, where the customs are unknown and the
laws are always changeable.

"hübsch acht" was formed for the SWR NEW Jazz Meeting 2013 and premiered
in Mannheim, Cologne, Freiburg and at the unerhört festival in Zurich in November 2013.

SWR NEW Jazz Meeting 2012: hübsch acht